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"Where cattle are cattle, not a science experiment"

What is healthy meat?

The easiest way to educate you is in both science and basic terms.  While we want to make it simple to understand, we don't want to be accused of not providing any science behind our beliefs.  So here is the basic thought followed by the science. 

What is the primary purpose of grain?  To add weight, not something for the health of the animal or anything to the benefit of man.  On this site you'll find various bits of information about why we choose to raise our cattle the way we do and why we feel that it's healthier than other meat. 

Grass fed cows obtain different fats than grain fed cows.  Grass fed cows have conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).  Grain fed cows have linoleic acid (LA).  These are very similar at the molecular level.  They both have an 18 carbon chain with double bonds.  The difference is where the double bonds are placed along the chain.  This makes for an incredible difference in what the fats do for us.  In fact, they have opposite effects!  CLA has been found in studies to promote weight loss and even prevent cancer.  LA, on the other hand,  has a bad reputation for promoting cancer and of course weight gain.  It is this fat that has gotten the reputation that eating beef is unhealthy.  When quite opposite is true when you consume fats of the CLA type.

 We keep hearing that we need to consume more Omega 3’s.  Eat more almonds, walnuts, fish oil.  Ever wonder why we need to pay particular attention to this?  Has this always been a problem with human kind?  Take in to effect that our culture is fixated on the consumption of beef.  Fast food chains have built an empire on selling hamburgers.  But most beef that our society eats is high in omega 6, not omega 3.  In fact the ratio of omega 6:omega3 is 20:1.  This is grain fed beef.  Our grass-fed beef has a ratio of about 3:1.  That is a significant difference.   People with diets of disproportionate amounts of omega 6: omega 3 have been found to have problems with allergies, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, cancer, obesity, insulin resistance, depression, arthritis, heart disease.  We need to get back to eating how God intended for us to eat.